MOTHERLESS by Gabriel Horn (White Deer of Autumn)

*Winner of 6 State, National, and International Book Awards                *Selected by the Department of EducationTalking Book Library for the Blind                  


“Every once in a while a book comes along that needs to be in the world, that needs to be in the hands of young and older people alike, that needs to be shared between generations.”                 

 “… an astounding and never-wavering story.” – MariJo Moore, co-editor of Unraveling theSpreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous thoughts Concerning the Universe

“…The book gives voice to past truth and hopefully prompts thought change for a future that nourishes the spirit of all the Children of the Earth.” – Barbara Schoenbeck, Ph.D. Professor of Education, Concordia University, St. Paul MN

“… a story that I didn’t want to end.” – Trace A. DeMeyer, author of One Small Sacrifice and Two Worlds;

“This is a cultural gem…” – Debra Ann Morrow, retired Iowa classroom teacher/school librarian

 By showing intolerance and racism as rooted in ignorance, he manages to teach with compassion, without preaching….” Jason Schoenbeck, Teacher, Alexander Graham Bell School, Chicago, Illinois

 “…here we have a book that could well be used to shatter those symbolic chains fettering not only the individual, but also nations!”  – Sam Gilliland, renowned Scottish poet, recipient of the MacDiarmid Tassie (Goblet) 2009



“A generous, searching writer…” and his work “…mesmerizing… lyrical… powerful” – Booklist

“…insightful and eloquent” –The Tampa Tribune

“…too appealing to resist reading a second time.” – The American Indian Library Journal

“… uncommon levels of honesty and an absolute respect for the unanswerable questions of life.” – ForumMagazine, the Florida Humanities Council

“…demonstrates a kind of radical amazement, a deep feeling tinged with both awe and wonder….” –Spirituality & Health

“… graceful and elegant … meditative and enriching.”  –St. Petersburg Times

“In a world in ruins, it is inspirational to have before us a transcendent vision of the world, rendered in language so beautiful that it fills the empty spaces in our collective souls….”  – Roy Peter Clark, Vice President and Senior Scholar, The Poynter Institute, and an invited guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show

“Gabriel Horn writes with a sort of detached fury that in its lyrical iciness is doubly compelling. His is a voice that will not be stilled in a land that should take the time to listen” – Jim Head, former news editor,The Tampa Tribune;

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